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Orthopedic Medical Massage Bodywork for Pain Relief!

Massage Therapy,  Deep Tissue Massage Bodywork provides incredible lasting relief from physical pain. Sessions include assessment of the body to isolate the underlying cause of pain and to dissolve stress that can make pain worse by aligning the body with gravity. Clients report freedom in flexibility and continued decrease of pain with a shorter recovery period, unlike anything they have previously experienced.

Orthopedic Medical Massage Bodywork is a holistic discipline that looks at and integrates the entire person. When people produce stress they tend to carry it physically in the body. Every part of the body is effected by stress. Including the muscles, joints, tissues, organs, and cells. This in turn effects how we feel.

People come to us for outcome oriented, results based bodywork. We align the body with gravity, and dissolve emotional stress that can make pain worse. After a few sessions they feel tremendous freedom, the pain is gone and they have their life back on track.

Canby Massage - We Take Pain Away

We Take Pain Away! Without Surgery and Drugs.

We work with the whole body to get a total release around inflamed, pinched, painful or damaged joints and tissues. Restoring tight, restricted tissues back to their natural, normal resting lengths. This includes both muscles and fascia to bring them back to their normal resting positions while balancing out fascia and muscles, to align bones and loosening and flushing tightly congested areas. Therefore, restoroing tone to overstretched neurologically inhibited tissues to establish balance from back to front, on both the left and right sides, as needed. Futhermore, we break up and smooth out any related “tissue texture abnormalities,” releasing bumps, knots, stringy fibrotic tissues and normalize them until we have smooth, soft, and supple tissue responding with fresh blood supply and clear nerve pathways working. Therefore, with tissues restored and balanced, the body becomes more flexible and resilient and can return to normal healthy tissues again.

Restoring Balance to:

  • Sciatica
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Pelvic Balancing
  • Leg Length Discrepancies
  • Golfers Elbow
  • Neck Cricks
  • Low Back Pain
  • Increased Range of Motion

What is it:

This isn’t just a regular massage that you would go to for the good “experience.” This work feels great most of the time, but the intent is different. While we do full body massage therapy, it’s holistic, we look at the entire body emotionally and physically. And not just muscles, by the way, but ligaments, tendons, fascia, bones, joints, fluid, tissue textures, a balance between parts and so forth. It’s outcome oriented and results based. People come here to get the best results, not just for the experience.

Let’s face it, being touched can feel great. Especially when your therapist knows how to touch you better than you’ve ever been touched before, sexual implications aside. But, sometimes massage doesn’t feel good, especially when there is inflamed, damaged, or painful tissues involved.  So, sometimes it can be painful. However, with a skilled therapist with developed skills in touch, we can work with the tissue instead of against it with force. It’s all got to do with how we work with the central nervous system, both emotionally and physically.

Best Massage Therapy in the Portland Area

We help by creating real changes in the body.

  • Quickly Neutralize imbalances, correcting posture, boosting energy and function.
  • Solve the underlying patterns of structural pain that often get overlooked, so you get faster and better results.
  • Resolve the source of vertebral misalignment in the spine, which brings about a healthy spine and healthy functional and mobile body.
  • The most common back and spine problems are frequently easily resolved.
  • Structural facet joint dysfunction occurs when joints lose mobility. We unlock fixated joints by releasing the tissues locking the joints.
  • Find and releasing abnormal tension patterns and correct them.
  • Address fibrosis on multiple levels so they don’t cause compensations and seemingly unrelated problems in other areas of the body.
  • Quickly fix neck cricks in minutes without painful “cracking” of the neck.
  • Confidently and safely treat whiplash with advanced medical massage for a fast recovery.
  • Treat the most typical and dysfunctional cervical conditions.
  • Treat and resolve stenosis and bone spurs in many cases.
  • Stop pain-spasm-pain cycles in their tracks to reduce inflammation, soreness, and irritation.
  • We integrate the body parts and create new options for movement in the body.

We restore tight, restricted tissues back to their natural normal resting lengths

With tissues restored and balanced, the body becomes more flexible and resilient, and can return to healthy normal tissues again.

Ask The Expert

Dave Ryder LMT, LMI, ICS, Certified & Approved CE Credit Provider

The main difference is flexibility, education, and experience on the practitioners part. The other main differentiation is that medical massage bodywork is goal or outcome oriented. For example, if someone has terrible neck pain, the goal might be to get rid of the pain in the neck so it doesn’t return. We use a lot of the same techniques in many different ways to get results. It’s also a combination of results with an incredible experience where the typical massage might be for experience.
It depends on the situation. If someone is wanting quicker results, we can do more sessions in a shorter amount of time. On average, under normal circumstances about 70% enjoy once a week, 20% like twice a month, and 10% come in as needed. If someone is in chronic pain, we can work more often up to three times a week, given the situation, however with acute injury, we need at least three days after an injury to allow for swelling and inflammation to decrease.
  • Accident and injury prevention by expanding they bodies envelope of range of motion
  • Relieve stress & fatigue
  • Increase relaxation
  • Improve posture (because muscles and fasica pull on bones)
  • Correct muscle and myofascial imbalances
  • Corrects gravity loads on body
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Promotes expansion of the rib cage and breathing easier
  • Works out abnormal tissues like bumps, knots, & ropy tissues
  • Can speed up recovery from rehabilitation or injury
  • Improves circulation
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relaxes muscles
People that would enjoy preventing as many accidents or injuries as they can.
Who like maintenance.
After medical procedure or surgery to recover faster.
To feel better, be healthier, move better, gain greater range of motion, move tons of lymph, improve immune the system.
If you need safe way to get quality touch.
If you want high quality therapy.
If you want better results than physical therapy or chiropractic can do alone.
We do excellent work with pregnant women. Reduce stretch marks, take pressure off back and hips. Get ready the body ready for an easy natural delivery.
Sometimes people get sore after a massage. This is not due to bruising, when done properly. Soreness is typically a biochemical reaction to moving around metabolic products and flushing stagnant pockets of fluid in the tissues like lactic acid among many others. These biochemicals can irritate receptors and cause soreness.

It’s important that if you have a fresh injury to ice the area to reduce inflammation prior to coming for a treatment. Please call the clinic before you come in to discuss the be next step for you.

The bodywork and massage therapy sessions takes place in our Canby clinic. We have two therapy rooms available Monday to Saturday during business hours.

Sessions include assessment of the body to isolate the underlying cause of pain. We then help to restore tight, restricted tissues back to their natural normal resting lengths. With your tissues restored and balanced, your body will become more flexible and resilient, and you will feel relaxed.

The first session will be 90 minutes and includes thorough assessment, intake and bodywork.

Regular sessions are 120 minutes.

Yes, however, sometimes we can accommodate walk-ins.

Please notify us 24 hours prior to sessions, if you are unable to attend.

Tips are never expected, but always appreciated.
Absolutely, we love to work with couples! Reservation is required.

No. But we do have insurance forms that you can submitt to your insurance company provider.

The first visit is 90 minutes and is $180.00 It includes assessment and intake. After that, it’s $100 per hour.
It depends on daily activity, overuse, under-use, or plain old abuse. Many pain syndromes can be alleviated in a few sessions. For example; neck, shoulder, hip, upper and lower back pain, carpel tunnel, sprains, nerve impingement, multiple crush syndromes, headaches, migraines, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, TMJ, etc, we’ve had tremendous success with. Sometimes the body has a physical imbalance and relief occurs when we relearn new behaviors and movement patterns. Frequently there are times when there is an emotional component that needs to be resolved. When that is resolved, sometimes the pain just goes away.
“This is the best training I’ve ever been to, I learned so much, thanks Dave”
Testimonial - Michael
I really enjoy Dave’s workshops, they are fun & enjoyable. I always come away with so many great techniques to help my clients.
Testimonial • Aaron

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