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  • Julia Hann
    Julia Hann
    03:07 26 Feb 20
    I brought my teenage daughter here after trying different modalities for her scoliosis. Dave Ryder was fantastic! Within a few sessions we could see the improvement in her condition and her pain level. He is thorough and takes his time working on the different muscles that are at the root of the issue. It’s so different from a normal massage that I was used to and I’m grateful that we now know Dave who is an amazing medical massage therapist. With such a great experience with my daughter, I didn’t hesitate to bring my son who hurt his neck while snowboarding. I highly recommend Dave Ryder!!
    Lisa Bean
    Lisa Bean
    16:18 03 Mar 20
    Dave has a true gift and is a master at his profession! I found him to be not only highly skilled on multiple levels but unusually insightful. My first session with Dave was for a physical ailment; the immediate results during the session were remarkable! I have range of motion in ways I did not realize was possible. In my second session, Dave encouraged me to focus more on my mental state by exploring worries and fears. After assisting me in identifying key triggers he then had me repeat phrases back to him while lightly tapping on various areas of my face. I am astounded by the monumental change in my mind chatter! Gone are the old negative tapes that have played on and on and on for years! My mind is calm and present. I feel a new mental freedom that is wonderful beyond description. -Lisa B
    Bonny Glendenning
    Bonny Glendenning
    01:35 13 Mar 20
    I’ve been visiting Total Integrated Therapy to improve back and hip pain, and have been impressed at each visit with their depth of knowledge, advanced techniques, and holistic approach. Their work to discover the underlying causes for my pain, rather than just treat the symptoms, has helped me immensely. I am now able to sleep comfortably through the night, rather than waking up multiple times in pain.
    Aleksei Ryazanov
    Aleksei Ryazanov
    11:07 30 Dec 19
    I called Dave Christmas Eve morning, hoping to get in for a massage to help ease some of my headaches and tension in my upper body, and was more than relieved to hear he had an opening! He met me at the door of his office with a wide smile and handshake and welcomed me inside. There was a small information/waiver sheet to fill out and then he led me into the room with the massage table where we did different stretching, body work, and some massage! I wasn’t aware of HOW limited my motion was until we went through some of the stretches and boy was I tense! Just within the one day session we had, my range of movement increased exponentially. Dave went above and beyond what I was expecting out of my appointment and I can’t wait to go back. He is one of the most cordial, warm hearted, and talented bodywork professionals I have had the pleasure to work with and I would recommend him to anyone!
    warren bean
    warren bean
    18:39 27 Feb 20
    My 88 year old mother had been Dave for knee pain that was starting to interfere with her mobility and had such a positive experience that she recommended that I try Total Integrated Therapy for my persistent back and knee pain. Our whole family has had fantastic results! Dave is so knowledgable and informative as he gets to the root cause of your problem and then leaves you with specific stretches and technics that will keep you pain free. I can whole heartedly recommend Dave Ryder!
    Tania Tuck
    Tania Tuck
    18:40 05 Jul 20
    Look no further than Kim and Dave Ryder if you are looking to transform a physical or emotional block. Dave has an outstanding knowledge of the body and with his safe hands intuitively alleviating aches and pains. Kim masterfully addresses any emotional component with their unique Tapping Therapy that combines EFT and NLP and their own ‘secret sauce’ for freeing up long held limiting beliefs and patterns. Together they really can totally integrate your Mind and Body. High Recommend.
    C T
    C T
    19:00 19 May 17
    Dave takes massage to a new level. I've been suffering with a bad case of tennis elbow. I've had doctor visits prescribing occupational therapy three times a week for over 3 months. One session with Dave made more progress than all of these months in other treatments. He doesn't just massage but incorporates stretching and resistance. And he's able to very precisely target the areas that needs help. I'm both amazed and grateful. Dave is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and he really cares about his patients. I highly recommend Dave!
    Denise boos
    Denise boos
    00:02 11 Apr 17
    Dave Ryder is absolutely the best massage therapist I have used. I have been going to Dave for many years and it is amazing how wonderful I always feel after a massage. He works very hard at getting to the root of your problem so it doesn't return. After trying multiple therapies for tennis elbow, Dave was able to get rid of it and it has not returned. The same for a back problem. His knowledge of the human body is the best I have encountered from a massage therapist, Barr none. You will not be disappointed!
    Marni M
    Marni M
    17:37 10 Jun 17
    I am a successful medical massage therapist and I credit Dave, in large part, for my education. I have attended several seminars with "big name'" massage therapy instructors and Dave brings the same quality of teaching. His breaks down the material so that his audience can understand and then brings as much information as we can absorb. In addition, he not only brings the mechanical techniques, but he has a unique understanding of how the mind may be contributing to pain in the body. In addition, he brings real tools to address the mind-body connection as well.
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  • Dr Kadane, MD

    I've been seeing Dave for years. Dave's methods are much more effect than other therapies I've tried. He has resolved issues that I didn't believe could be resolved.

    Dr. Adams, DC

    Dave has helped me, my family, and my patients heal the deeper issues. He really knows what he's doing, and if he can help me, he can definitely help you.

    Richard Kottle, Atty & Pro Soccer Referee

    Dave has the ability to keep me pain free. He's one of the only people I've found able to solve my problems. I am 67 years old and I have not been injured in years.

    Sarena Carter, International Missionary

    Dave targets the source of your pain. By the time you leave your pain is gone, and you feel like a new person. There is no comparison.

    Stacy, Executive Banking Specialist

    Highly recommended. Dave has helped me for years when I thought my hips needed to be replaced. He really does care about what is going on with you.

    Scott Wiggins, Entrepreneur

    I do as much stretching as I can but it's never enough. Dave takes care of my sore muscles and tightness. What he does is enough, and he can help you too.

    Todd Sifert, Entrepreneur & Century Cyclist

    I came in for herniated discs in my neck, and left feeling great. It was the most wonderful thing. Since then Dave keeps me in shape to do my rides and he puts me back together when I overdo it. If you've got something serious, or just need maintenance, I highly recommend him.

    Anonymous, Senior Executive Fortune 10

    I have been a patient of Dave Ryder's for now 6 or 7 years. He has done a fantastic job of helping me stay healthy and active. I have herniated discs and he keeps me in motion. I'm very grateful. He's very knowledgeable, and he's terrific at what he does. I'm a big believer of what he does and big supporter of Dave.