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Healthcare is more than a title given to those like Dave Ryder, it is a badge to ‘Care for the Health’ of those entrusting their cycle of pain and relief to him. It is in over 49 years of personal and professional growth that Dave has learned and taught others how to stop the cycle and educate others in the process of reconnecting the mind and body.

After years of intense study and research for his own physical and emotional recovery from a near life and death experience at the age of 12 years of age, Dave has found how to tap into his internal drive and dedication to feeling better. His knowledge base is derived from both Western and Eastern medicine and scientifically proven techniques that combine the mind-body system. Dave’s passion is focused on connecting healthcare practitioners to the core values that drive happiness, health, and emotional well-being. Dave brings over 2 decades of focused expertise in soft-tissue manual therapy to his teaching. This is more than just a business for Dave; it is his heartfelt life’s journey poured into every meticulously crafted class and session to ensure that you grow personally, professionally and exponentially in your life and in the lives of those you help along your own journey.

Dave Ryder Founder & Educator | Medical Massage Training

Inspiring, empowering and uplifting is Kim Ryder, and those are the gifts she shares with others. Kim teaches independent professionals how to take control of their life, so they can thrive in their business and be leaders in their field. She is a heart-centered teacher, speaker, and author dedicated to helping women align with their highest core values, so they can take inspired action and create the life they truly want. She has lived and worked in Australia, the United Kingdom, and now in the United States sharing her knowledge through consulting, regular workshops, seminars, and speaking engagements. Kim has a background in aged-care nursing, remedial massage therapy, and over 25 years teaching therapeutic yoga. She has successfully integrated the latest research from Neuroscience and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with ancient pearls of wisdom from Yoga in practice and in life. She has developed her own processes with Dave Ryder that produces accelerated healing, inspiration, and empowerment for both students and clients by freeing and clearing the relationship between the mind and body.

Kim was on the way to being an Olympic star athlete in basketball when a serious car accident brought her dreams to a screeching halt. As a result of those challenges, her life began to head in another direction. She learned how to overcome her own self-imposed limitations and create the results she desired through trial and error.  Over the years she has become known as one of the top educators and practitioners in the area of personal development and self-actualization.  Her passion is in sharing her wealth of knowledge, understanding with practical processes for getting extraordinary results that make sure your life isn’t lost but rather connected and driven by the things that truly matter the most in your life.  There is absolutely no mistake that Kim is doing exactly what she was born to do, and that is; to help you remove the obstacles and connect with the source of inspiration and creativity inside that will change your life.


Dave and Kim were able to quickly find the issue that has plagued me for 6 months. AMAZING RESULTS on my shoulder pain!


Dave Ryder is a miracle worker. Dave is the one I turn to when I have many different muscular issues including shoes from marathon training to day-to-day and work out therapy needs. Dave’s unique approach has helped many solve many issues which traditional doctors, therapists, and massage cannot touch. Thank you Dave!


I have used massage therapy when I needed help with back pain or other issues and really enjoyed the experience however; a coworker gave me a referral to see Dave Ryder and I can honestly say Dave is absolutely THE BEST!! His knowledge and technique is unmatched as well as professionalism. In fact going forward no one else comes close to his ability and I do not use any other therapist. I highly recommend him as a practitioner in this field of pain management advanced massage therapy!


Dave Ryder is extremely knowledgeable and skilled in helping relieving pain and gaining mobility. Dave is able to discern what the body needs to help release tight muscles and break up fascia build up. He was a tremendous help to me and helped me regain quality of life. I highly recommend Dave to anyone who is looking for pain relief.


I’m almost totally pain free from chronic pain I’ve had for over 40 years, and I’ve only had two sessions with Dave and Kim!


A family member referred me to Dave and Kim as I was seeking help with serious anxiety issues surrounding life changes from retirement. I also had emotional food issues along with debilitating stress. They listened and seemed to completely understand what was happening in my life, making me feel at ease and thus quickly gaining rapport. It became very clear that I was creating these problems for myself, and with some help could overcome them. Dave and Kim went to work on numerous issues, clearing the way for new, more resourceful references about all the things that were troubling me. They helped me at a time in my life that I felt helpless.the changes happened fast and have remained since the last session. I’d say it was the best money we’ve ever spent. Without hesitation, fully endorse Dave and Kim for their abilities, professionalism and results. The work they did with me changed my life for the better when I felt I had no where to turn. I will forever be grateful for their help.


I had a ball working with Kim and Dave! They asked clear, specific questions and aimed at the root of the issues we were working on. These two are powerful and you can actually feel the changes during and immediately after each session. It was exactly what I wanted: fast and effective. I noticed clear shifts in my perspective as they knocked down belief after belief. I felt happy and at peace after each session and I’m excited to see what changes will ripple through my life. Thanks a bunch!


I am a successful medical massage therapist and I credit Dave, in large part, for my education. I have attended several seminars with “big name'” massage therapy instructors and Dave brings the same quality of teaching. His breaks down the material so that his audience can understand and then brings as much information as we can absorb. In addition, he not only brings the mechanical techniques, but he has a unique understanding of how the mind may be contributing to pain in the body. In addition, he brings real tools to address the mind-body connection as well.


On just my wife’s 2nd visit with Dave Ryder, he was able to give her relief from neck & shoulder pain that had been chronic and incessant for several decades. He actually found the source of the pain and addressed it, something many other practitioners had been unable to do.


Dave is a miracle worker! I had surgery on my left shoulder to reattach the bicep and after 5 months, the doctor started talking about having to put me under anesthesia to get the shoulder to move more. I was in constant pain with only about 30 % movement. I went to Dave and he let me know that it was just “frozen” and that he could get it moving with massage. After a couple of months, he had my shoulder working close to 100%, with almost no pain. Not only did he get my shoulder working, but the knowledge and professionalism that he displayed was the best I have ever seen. I highly recommend that you use Total Integrated Therapy for all your body and mind needs. They are truly a great company to help you.


Suffering with a left hip issue for 5 years and one session with Dave and after the therapeutic soreness wore off after the treatment – I am 80-90%. I can’t wait until he returns to Dallas – I will most definitely be scheduling time with him.


Dave takes massage to a new level. I’ve been suffering with a bad case of tennis elbow. I’ve had doctor visits prescribing occupational therapy three times a week for over 3 months. One session with Dave made more progress than all of these months in other treatments. He doesn’t just massage but incorporates stretching and resistance. And he’s able to very precisely target the areas that needs help. I’m both amazed and grateful. Dave is extremely knowledgeable about how the body works and he really cares about his patients. I highly recommend Dave!


What a lovely couple, and practice. I had never been here before, and my Mother and I came in for a session. Both Kim & Dave Ryder were lovely & professional. The treatment I got from Kim was AMAZING! In under an hour, I felt like a new person. THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Dave Ryder is absolutely the best massage therapist I have used. I have been going to Dave for many years and it is amazing how wonderful I always feel after a massage. He works very hard at getting to the root of your problem so it doesn’t return. After trying multiple therapies for tennis elbow, Dave was able to get rid of it and it has not returned. The same for a back problem. His knowledge of the human body is the best I have encountered from a massage therapist, Barr none. You will not be disappointed!


Where do I begin? I have been seeing Dave for 15 years. My job requires me to be on my feet the entire time. He is the reason I am still able to do my job. Planter fasciitis is prevalent in my industry. I am happy to say that I have not experienced this problem since being with Dave. He is my physical and spiritual healer. We all carry emotional baggage. Many times these “bags” affect our physical being. Dave’s knowledge of EFT or “taping,” has allowed me to unpack many of my suitcases. I wish I could express everything he has done for me. Writing about how wonderful he is accomplishes nothing. You MUST experience it for yourself. I can’t sing his praises enough. He just gets it. One in a million. The only negative thing I can say is that he moved away. He is irreplaceable.


Excellent service!

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