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Pain Solutions: Orthopedic Bodywork, and Medical Massage.

Board Approved and Certified Therapists

Total Integrated Therapy
We Take Pain Away!

We offer an alternative to surgical or pharmaceutical choiced. With medical massage we treat the underlying physical patterns, tissues that lead to chronic pain and emotional stress. Our therapists are exceptionally trained with leading-edge bodywork skills for stress, and pain. We take therapy to a new level using experienced-based, science-backed, outcome-oriented methods to find the source of your pain and get you feeling better fast.

What We Do

Total Integrated Therapy offers these industry-leading therapy solutions for both the mind and body!

Massage Therapy Canby

Massage Therapy

Did you know that medical massage therapy can resolve the underlying cause of pain? We don’t just provide temporary relief from pain, we solve the problem. We resolve back pain, neck pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, and much more. Our therapists integrate their knowledge, experience, and understanding to find and address the underlying source of your pain. We will take care of your entire family. If you have chronic pain and you are looking for something better, this should be your first stop.

Mind Body Integrated Therapy

Mind Body Therapy

Mind-Body Integrated Therapy is results-based therapy that uses Orthopedic bodywork to resolve both physical pain and the emotional distress that is frequently unaddressed. Our mind-body techniques are second-to-none and will help you quickly break free from what is holding you back and help you feel great again by resolving the deeper issues that get in the way of living your full potential. Because of the physical nature, this treatment is only available locally in Canby.

Tapping Therapy

Tapping  Therapy

Our Breakthrough Tapping is among the most effective therapies available for resolving difficult problems like chronic stress, trauma, PTSD, negative emotions, anxiety, fears, worries, and self-doubt. Our therapy will help you pinpoint and resolve your issues and align your mind for success in relationships, health, and happiness. Breakthrough Tapping will make you feel fantastic. Easily change limiting beliefs and subconscious programs and clear the baggage that has been getting in the way. Service is offered in-person and online.

Medical Massage Certification Workshops Canby Oregon Total integrated Therapy

We are Nationally Certified, Board Approved Bodyworkers and Breakthrough Clinical Therapists, Instructors, and CE Providers

Board Approved and Certified Therapists

Senior Massage Therapist and Instructor Dave Ryder Total Integrated Therapy Canby Oregon

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Located in historic downtown Canby one block from Wait Park.

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