Neck Pain Relief Stretching

Neck Pain Relief Stretching

Looking for neck pain relief? In this video I demonstrate how to use a contract relax style stretch for lengthening tight, stiff and sore muscles aid in neck pain relief as well as increasing flexibility.

These neck stretches will help will release neck tension, loosen a stiff neck and help relax neck muscles if they go into spasm. Go slow and easy and use some of my other self neck massage techniques in combinations for more relief.

It’s important to go slow and easy on your neck at first, or you might be sore. Don’t overwork yourself or be too aggressive, especially if you haven’t had much work done on your neck. Try to use a combination of some of my other self-neck massage techniques for more relief.

If you start to have significantly more discomfort for whatever reason, get it checked out by a qualified professional.

Relief from Neck Pain-Total Integrated Therapy

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