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How Stress Affect The Body - Total Integrated Therapy

How Posture Affects The Body

How posture affects the body. The way we transition can create a lot of stress and pain patterns in our body. One of the biggest stressors for the body is the way we hold ourselves, stand, sit and walk.

Neck Pain Relief - Total Integrated Therapy

Neck Pain Relief Stretching

Learn how to use a contract-relax style stretch in this neck pain relief stretching video. For lengthening tight, stiff and sore muscles aid in neck pain relief as well as increasing flexibility.

Neck Pain Relief - Massage Therapy

Find Relief from Neck Pain

Looking for neck pain relief? Here is something you can do that will help lubricate your neck, get parts working together, hydrate tissue, increase the range of motion when consistent over time, and reduce the risk of creating more neck pain in the future.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Studies of the benefits of Massage Therapy demonstrate that it is an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. However, this article reveals some of the other benefits, that take this ancient healing art to the next level.