Why Tapping Therapy is Life Changing

Why Tapping Therapy is life-changing and how it can help you get deep lasting changes for a healthy mind and body!

Let’s face it anyone can get stuck in some area of life. Like a hamster on a wheel going round-n-round, struggling with the same problems, sometimes for years.

Sometimes we have so many options that we don’t know what to do and as a result, we get stuck and paralyzed. Other times we can’t find any good options. Some have trouble finding the energy and motivation after feeling discouraged for so long.

Mind Body Health

We take a holistic approach to each individuals physical and emotional wellbeing. This is why Tapping Therapy is a powerful way to get deep lasting changes. The powerful Tapping Therapy process aims specifically at core problems and releases them.

What you can expect from Tapping Therapy sessions are extremely fast and efficient results that dissolve self-sabotage and release resistance from painful persistent problems. Our goal is to get you quick relief from painful experiences and release your biggest fears, stressors, and worries. Leaving you feeling more relaxed, calm and confident.

Tapping Therapy Life Changing Sessions

Sound Mind in a Sound Body

You will be able to tap into your true healing potential, so you can improve the quality of your life and become the person you are meant to be. Our unique breakthrough tapping sessions is about helping you to activate more of your full potential, so you can become the best version of yourself. We will be identifying and connecting your most significant qualities and gifts which are uniquely yours. Let’s put you back in the driver’s seat and empower your life with real practical tools, processes, and strategies so you can live an inspired fulfilled life. Here are just a few of the benefits from working with us in person or online.

  • Quick Relief from Your Biggest Fears, Stressors, and Worries.
  • Change or Upgrade Any Habit, Behavior, Mindset or Attitude.
  • Get Emotional Control and Change Any State of Mind, Feeling or Mood.
  • Build Your Confidence and Unleash Your True Potential
  • Be Empowered, Feel 100% Better, and Look 10 Years Younger.
Why Tapping Therapy is Life Changing

Tapping Therapy Testimonials

Here’s what a couple of our clients are saying about our Breakthrough Tapping Sessions

I am finally sending you this testimonial regarding the VERY obvious & much appreciated benefits I’ve gained by working with you. “I have received SO Much benefit through working with Kim Ryder. It truly was a gateway! I’ve had a lot of “gateways” but THIS was Really huge. So much, that I am now on a “Rocket Trajectory” of learning, growing, incredible synchronicity & forward motion. Thank you So Much!

“In a very powerfully effective way, Kim enabled me to: uncover & discover the core roots of my self-formed, chosen & supported beliefs evolved over my lifetime through personal experiences examine the results & lessons of those beliefs choose to release or change unhelpful beliefs to new helpful beliefs which align with my true personal purpose & current situation align & empower myself to achieve my long-held goals increase my ability to offer contributions which are uniquely mine. Beyond all this, as a really great bonus, I am experiencing so much Less daily stress! 

Again, thanks so much Kim!”

Patricia, TX

I want to give a GIANT thank you to Kim and Dave Ryder for the powerful shifts that I have received from the sessions I had with them over the past 10 weeks. I had no idea that I was still holding onto so much grief after the loss of my mother. I knew that something was holding me back and I was searching for that last little bit and you guys nailed it!!! And of course….as we discovered, it was much more then a little bit.

Individually and as a team you carry a wealth of knowledge encompassing a unique set of skills that deal with the mind/body connection, and I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of the crib!!! Book a session now and get ready to fire up your brain! The Ryders will get you moving!!!

Cheryl, Canada 

We work online around the word or in person.
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