Diet and nutritional advice for pain relief


Diet experiment: Try avoiding dairy, and reducing sugar as much as possible for a week and see if you notice a big difference. Many people have a reaction to dairy and didn’t know it until they eliminate it from their diet. Dairy and sugar can make pain worse. The next time you have a headache, eat a candy bar and notice which way the pain goes, up or down. Try a combination of magnesium, Formula 303, and turmeric. There you have a natural muscle relaxer, pain reliever, and an anti-inflammation support. Get a standard magnesium supplement from your local grocery store, it’s [...]

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Breath Of Life


Breath of life for the whole mind/body system. In my own self-practice, I use a variety of breathing techniques such as; Ujjayi Pranayama, which is also known as the hissing breath, and Savitri Pranayama, which is rhythmic breathing. Combining the movements with this deep breathing brings about a feeling of steadiness. This will have a grounding and balancing effect on your body while calming the thought waves of the mind. Giving you the ability to relax and to recover from stress more easily. Deep slow steady breathing can bring about peace, calmness and keeps you centered. [...]

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