7 ways to keep your body in balance


7 ways to keep your body in balance. Try combining physical movement, conscious breathing, relaxation and calming the mind as part of your daily routine. It can have a massive positive effect on the mind/body system. Moving the joints and parts in the body a little bit each day, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, consistently over time can make an enormous difference. It comes down to getting all the parts to cooperate and work together through movement, mindfulness and our own internal resources. This creates balance in the mind/body system. Try daily yoga simple pose practice. Conscious breathing a simple [...]

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Changing Mindsets


Change can be the act of doing something different. It can be transforming or modifying one state to another. Change is all about re-educating and unlearning old memorized patterns and beliefs that are familiar, and then relearning new states of being. It is also about breaking the habits of the false self, transforming as your true self, and becoming self-aware. Change can also involve having awareness and knowing that it’s your decision and choice to think, act or feel in the way you do. It’s about letting go of the old habitual behaviors and developing new ways of being. Our amazing brain [...]

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