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Breakthrough Sessions

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Breakthrough Sessions with Dave Ryder

Ask yourself, “When would be the best time for me to start living the life I have always wanted?”

I want to tell you why you are so amazing. Even though I don’t know you, I know something about you. You want to make a bigger difference in the world, your life, and in the lives of the ones you love. You’ve made it here in your life despite all the distractions, disappointments and frustrations. You are here for a reason, and it could be that you want to:

  • Live bigger, fuller, richer, and deeper.
  • To have more control in your life.
  • Eliminate distractions, stress, and emotional turmoil.
  • Find your purpose and do the things you love that are most important.
  • Live the life that makes it all worthwhile.
  • To produce better relationships and more abundance.
  • To let go of some old strategies, patterns, and programs that have been getting in the way.

Where you are right now is the platform that will launch you exactly where you were meant to go. Right here and now is the catalyst, the proverbial “fork in the road” where you get to choose the direction you go in. One path leads to the new positive changes in your life that you’ve been looking for. The other, the “same ol same ol” coping with boring and annoying, thinking, feeling, and behaving. The direction you go in is up to you now, and you are not alone.

What are you ready to let go of that is no longer needed?

Breakthrough Sessions with Kim Ryder

Most of my life has been dedicated to helping my clients and students empower their lives so they can experience more success, love, and fulfillment. There is nothing more inspiring to me than to help my clients to be more empowered, connected, confident, and focused on what is most meaningful them; whether it be in the area of relationships, business, financial, or spiritual aspirations. Give yourself the gift of rediscovering your true self and align with what you prefer to create and shifting into a new paradigm based on acceptance, authentic connections, empowering mindsets and inspired action.

Call now for Sessions with Kim Ryder
In person in the Portland area or Online

3 Session Package

6 Session Package

9 Session Package

What are Breakthrough Sessions for?

People carry around their stress and tension without thinking much about it. It becomes a conditioned way of life. However, stress and tension are only symptoms of what we carry around in the mind and body. It represents the baggage we carry around with us all the time, no matter where we go, there it is. They are the filters we view our reality through and communicate through. They are how we perceive information from the outside. This “baggage” is in the mind and is expressed physically in the body. We collect our baggage along the way in our life as a result of the memories, experiences, beliefs, and choices we have about ourselves, capabilities, lives, and relationships.

These sessions are designed to help you change how your brains think and process the most important things in your life, YOU!

Your life is working precisely based on what you have in your mind. When you change how your mind processes what you want and what you have, you get something entirely different. Whether it is an old habit, addiction, relationship or self-sabotage patter, an old poverty mindset, stuck feeling like depression or anxiety or group of symptoms that you’ve been struggling with for a long time. These sessions help you get real relief, a sense of control and get the change you need without spending months or years in therapy and without taking prescription medications.

In order for you to live the life of your dreams, you need to let go of the specific things that are not serving you. Then your true success can happen.

What are the benefits?

  • Tremendous freedom
  • Control and empowerment over emotions and states of mind
  • Better relationships
  • More authentic expression and communication
  • Improved health
  • Significant decrease in stress-related symptoms and health problems
  • Focus and clarity
  • Power and inspiration to achieve goals

“We work with conscious and unconscious mind together with the central nervous system to get a total release around old issues and problems that can create psychological distress and a feeling of isolation.” – Dave Ryder

What Our Clients Are Saying…

This video is a collection of a few testimonials from just a couple of people that we’ve helped out of thousands of sessions. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work with these individuals and are grateful for the comments.

We designed our processes, sessions, and training to work faster and smarter for deep changes, quick relief, and lasting results. This is what we wanted in our times of need. These are the kinds of results we now offer you.

We offer single one-on-one sessions working with Kim or Dave.
We also offer Dual Integration sessions, two-on-one, working with both Kim and Dave at the same time.

Please contact us for more information.

I was able to finally “let go” of all the shame and regret that I was carrying around with me most of my life that caused me to feel not good enough. It’s been 6 months since my last session and my life is great. This work has been life changing from me and I want everyone to know about the work Kim and Dave do, they are truly gifted.
Tara Ryan - Testimonial
There are no words to describe how this work has helped me. I am 65 years old and have been to countless therapists in the effort to clear my depression problem. But after just one session I felt better than I ever have, and after doing three sessions I’ve felt more connected and relaxed. This has been the best decision of my life.
Bill - Testimonial

I want to give a GIANT thank you to Kim and Dave Ryder for the powerful shifts that I have received from the sessions I had with them over the past 10 weeks. I had no idea that I was still holding onto so much grief after the loss of my mother. I knew that something was holding me back and I was searching for that last little bit and you guys nailed it!!! And of course….as we discovered, it was much more then a little bit.

Individually and as a team you carry a wealth of knowledge encompassing a unique set of skills that deal with the mind/body connection, and I can’t thank you enough for getting me out of the crib!!! Book a session now and get ready to fire up your brain! The Ryders will get you moving!!!


Kim Ryder is one of the most gifted, insightful Practitioners that I have had the pleasure to work with. Her training is vast and she has a very unique way of getting to the root of a problem quickly; using creative ways to help her clients overcome grief, anxiety and undesirable behaviors. Not only is she a Master at her vocation but she has a heart of gold. I highly recommend Kim for all of your healing needs.

Cheryl Keates

I am a retired MD- After 2 sessions with Kim and Dave I am more of a success and less of a mess. I highly recommended their sessions, they are endorsed by medical doctors me and Eric Robins

Fritz Miller

As a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience, I have seen therapy fads come and go. When I first met Dave and Kim teaching their Breakthrough Mindset process I was of course skeptical. I had been trained in EMDR, hypnosis, and EFT. By far, their method has yielded the best and quickest results. I was amazed at first that my patients got better in record time. I am no longer amazed, I just expect it now. Their training is a must for any healthcare professional.
Ray L. Dallas, TX

Dr Ray L

With really big apologies for my long delay, I am finally sending you this testimonial regarding the VERY obvious & much appreciated benefits I’ve gained by working with you.

“I have received SO Much benefit through working with Kim Ryder. It truly was a gateway! I’ve had a lot of “gateways” but THIS was Really huge. So much, that I am now on a “Rocket Trajectory” of learning, growing, incredible synchronicity & forward motion. Thank you So Much!

“In a very powerfully effective way, Kim enabled me to:
uncover & discover the core roots of my self-formed, chosen & supported beliefs evolved over my lifetime through personal experiences
examine the results & lessons of those beliefs
choose to release or change unhelpful beliefs to new helpful beliefs which align with my true personal purpose & current situation
align & empower myself to achieve my long-held goals
increase my ability to offer contributions which are uniquely mine

Beyond all this, as a really great bonus, I am experiencing so much Less daily stress!

Again, thanks so much Kim!”


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