Neck Pain Relief – Increasing Range of Motion

Looking for neck pain relief?

Get Neck Pain Relief – Increasing Range of Motion by watching and practicing the techniques in this video. One of the best ways to get neck pain relief is by lengthening tight short muscles that are holding tension in the neck. Dave Ryder shows you an easy range of motion movements that will allow you to get your range of motion back, and keep it! In addition to increasing your envelope of range of motion which will dramatically reduce your chances of neck injury.

Go slow and easy on your neck at first, or you might be sore. Don’t overwork yourself or be too aggressive, especially if you haven’t had much work done on your neck. Try to use a combination of some of my other self-neck massage techniques for more relief.

Sometimes getting out of pain and feeling better is not a “straight line” (from A to B), sometimes it’s “U” shaped, and we feel more uncomfortable before we start to feel better.

Regardless, If you start to have significantly more discomfort for whatever reason, get it checked out by a qualified professional.

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Neck Pain Relief - Increasing Range of Motion with Dave Ryder

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Neck Pain Relief - Increasing Range of Motion

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