How Posture Affects The Body. One of the biggest stressors of the body is the way we hold ourselves, how we stand, sit and walk. Our posture, and the way we are sitting, standing and transitioning can affect the way our body is feeling.


In this video Dave Ryder shares his knowledge and wisdom on how we can simply correct our posture and make big changes in our body easily and effortlessly.

How Posture Affects The Body!

Posture can affect how your body feels, if your body is out of the center of gravity you’re going start loading points of your body not made for that sort of loading, this means during sitting, standing and transition. In the spine each vertebra has four joint and ligaments that connect to bones, one of the things that can happen is that ligaments can become overstretched, so we have to start making sure that we are sitting in a proper position, this means sitting on our sits bones, because that what they were made for. We were not made for sitting for long periods of time and twelve hours a day is what the average person is sitting for and that is far too long. It creates imbalances in the body and starts to degenerate the body that is supposed to last for the duration of our lifetime.