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As Healthcare Practitioners we invest time and energy in ensuring that we continue to learn and improve the skill sets and techniques we learned to achieve the certifications we have so that we can continually serve our clients in an advanced manner. Typically courses provide an environment that supports shared learning, however, there are those that do best in one-on-one hands-on training classes. This is why we offer consultations to give you the individualized study to encourage you to discover those things that you might not be able to capture in a faster-paced classroom. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the customized learning you are seeking while working on one of your clients, or on one of the volunteers, we can gladly invite to further your education.

In our customized learning sessions you will:

  • Experience customized education according to your learning style
  • Discover the best way to support your longevity in your field as a Healthcare Practitioner by proper mechanics
  • Practice what is most important to you and your clients with the guidance of a Certified Myosteo Practitioner
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