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Tapping therapy is one of our expert services at Total Integrated Therapy.

Why Tapping Therapy is Life Changing


Why Tapping Therapy is life-changing and how it can help you get deep lasting changes for a healthy mind and body! Tapping Therapy sessions are extremely fast and efficient results that dissolve self-sabotage and release resistance from painful persistent problems

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Help Kids Overcome Anxiety – Tapping Book


This little tapping book is a great solution to help Kids Overcome Anxiety and the best thing of all, children can learn to change the way they feel and release anxiety even at 4 yrs old. They just need the tools and means to do it for themselves. I Can Change The Way I Feel, Tap away your troubles, is my response to parents often asking me, how can I help my kids get over their anxiety? The process I teach in my book will show parents how they can help their children in resolving what bothers them. Issues [...]

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