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Help Kids Overcome Anxiety – Tapping Book


This little tapping book is a great solution to help Kids Overcome Anxiety and the best thing of all, children can learn to change the way they feel and release anxiety even at 4 yrs old. They just need the tools and means to do it for themselves. I Can Change The Way I Feel, Tap away your troubles, is my response to parents often asking me, how can I help my kids get over their anxiety? The process I teach in my book will show parents how they can help their children in resolving what bothers them. Issues [...]

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Diet and nutritional advice for pain relief


Diet experiment: Try avoiding dairy, and reducing sugar as much as possible for a week and see if you notice a big difference. Many people have a reaction to dairy and don't know it until they eliminate it from their diet for a week or two. Dairy and sugar can make pain much worse. The next time you have a headache, eat a candy bar and notice which way the pain goes, up or down. Try a combination of magnesium, Formula 303, and turmeric. There you have a natural muscle relaxer, pain reliever, and an anti-inflammation to support your body [...]

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What You May Not Know About Symptomatic Stress in the Mind/Body System


By Kim Ryder Why are we so stressed today? What is causing you stress in your personal life? What have you tried to resolve your stress levels?  All stress is symptomatic, there is no stress out there, it’s all internally created and we learn it and it’s conditioned from an early age. Our society motivates us by stress, and we are programmed to fill the void and lack of what we haven’t got and we stress ourselves out trying to get it. More than ever before people seem to be generating a lot more stress as well as other mental health issues [...]

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