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A healthy body healthy mind. This is what Total Integrated Therapy is all about. To maximize emotional well-being and the ability to make positive changes starts in the mind. We offer a range of mind body therapy to help you look better and feel better. We offer the most effective Mind Body Therapy, Massage Therapy, Tapping Therapy Sessions and Mind Body Therapy Training in the North West.

Find Relief from Neck Pain


Looking for neck pain relief? Here is something you can do that will help lubricate your neck, get parts working together, hydrate tissue, increase the range of motion when consistent over time, and reduce the risk of creating more neck pain in the future.

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Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief


Start your day with gentle yoga. Regular yoga practice can assist with reducing stress, anxiety, and tension as well as preventing sickness, disease and will help to slow down the aging process.

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Diet and nutritional advice for pain relief


Diet experiment: Try avoiding dairy, and reducing sugar as much as possible for a week and see if you notice a big difference. Many people have a reaction to dairy and don't know it until they eliminate it from their diet for a week or two. Dairy and sugar can make pain much worse. The next time you have a headache, eat a candy bar and notice which way the pain goes, up or down. Try a combination of magnesium, Formula 303, and turmeric. There you have a natural muscle relaxer, pain reliever, and an anti-inflammation to support your body [...]

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7 ways to keep your body in balance


7 ways to keep your body in balance. Try combining physical movement, conscious breathing, relaxation and calming the mind as part of your daily routine. It can have a massive positive effect on the mind/body system. Moving the joints and parts in the body a little bit each day, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day, consistently over time can make an enormous difference. It comes down to getting all the parts to cooperate and work together through movement, mindfulness and our own internal resources. This creates balance in the mind/body system. Try daily yoga simple pose practice. Conscious breathing a simple [...]

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How Posture Affects The Body


How Posture Affects The Body. One of the biggest stressors of the body is the way we hold ourselves, how we stand, sit and walk. Our posture, and the way we are sitting, standing and transitioning can affect the way our body is feeling.   In this video Dave Ryder shares his knowledge and wisdom on how we can simply correct our posture and make big changes in our body easily and effortlessly. How Posture Affects The Body! Posture can affect how your body feels, if your body is out of the center of [...]

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