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MyOsteo Training provides healthcare practitioners with the skills to perform a thorough assessment of the body to dissolve stress that can make pain worse by aligning the body with gravity, instead of force. Clients report a freedom in flexibility and continued decrease of pain with a shorter recovery period, unlike anything they have previously experienced.

Unlocking Twisted Backs and Spines


September 29th - 30th 2018 Unlocking the Back and Spine. Advanced MyOsteo Medical Massage Techniques 14 CE Credits Saturday: 9 am – 5 pm Sunday: 9 am – 5 pm Take your bodywork to the next level. Come socialize, have fun, and learn some of the best techniques available for the back and spine.

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Mind-Body In Sync Workshop


Mind-Body Alignment training will put you in charge with empowering new knowledge and skills to make a bigger difference in your life and the lives of others. Class Time Saturday 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm – 10th February 2018 To register for this class call: New Renaissance Bookshop 503-224-4929 In this workshop, you will learn the power of the mind-body connection. The mind and body are intrinsically linked and function together as a complete system. When there are misalignments in the body and or incongruent thoughts in the mind it affects the whole system. Your life is an expression of what you believe about yourself [...]

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Find Relief from Neck Pain


Find Relief from Neck Pain Neck cricks can be hard if not impossible to resolve if you don’t know how. With an experienced therapist, neck cricks can be eliminated sometimes in minutes. We all need touch and the right touch can be incredibly healing. We can push tissues and bones back into their normal place quickly. Loosen tight joints. Get a total release around pain sensitive tissues. We can increase the range of motion, release scar tissue, reduce inflammation, correct postural compensations, bring balance between conflicting tissues, soothe sore tight muscles, [...]

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The Emotional Component in Bodywork


The Power to Change - The Emotional Component in Bodywork This is for you because you know we are more than just a physical body. You probably already know that when we touch people physically, they tend to feel better emotionally. You probably also know that when people express what stresses them out emotionally, in a safe environment, they tend to be able to relax more physically. What this means is that when we work with the body we affect the mind and when we work with the mind we affect the body. The two are connected. That’s the mind-body [...]

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Overcome your Fear of Success


Overcome Your Fear of Success - Breakthrough Mindsets Overcome the mindsets that create obstacles in your personal and professional life. So you can ignite new empowered states. Fear of success only comes from fearing the unknown and being in unfamiliar territory.  The trouble is we expect the worst because of previous experiences that we may have had in the past, or we have a mindset that might be getting in the way. Did you know Fear stands for: False, Evidence, Appearing,  Real. The truth is you never really know what to expect in any situation, you can try to imagine [...]

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Why Personal Development Coaching is Life Changing


Personal Development Coaching is a powerful way to get deep lasting changes. The process we use very specifically aims at each client’s individual needs, and we take a holistic approach to physical and emotional essential wellbeing. What you can expect from these personal development coaching sessions are extremely fast and efficient results that dissolve self-sabotage and release resistance from painful persistent problems. Our goal is to get you quick relief from painful experiences and release your biggest fears, stressors, and worries. Leaving you feeling more relaxed, calm and confident. You will be able to tap into your true healing potential so [...]

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Empower Your Life – Breakthrough the Obstacles Fast.


Empower Your Life - Breakthrough the Obstacles Fast. Do you want to empower your life? In this video, you will discover how to go from powerless to empowerment. When you feel powerless, judged, not important, or like a target for others, that can make you feel helpless, defenseless like there's nothing you can do. "But the truth is; Being powerless" is a state of being and you do have a choice! How would your life be different if your heart was full of self-love, compassion, and gratitude? I use a powerful process that can help you feel better today [...]

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How to Lose Weight by Losing the Emotional Baggage


Would you like to learn how to lose weight by losing the emotional baggage? How to lose weight by losing the emotional baggage. We specialize in will helping people to release emotional baggage and offer some of the fastest and most effective transformational processes with Breakthrough Coaching, Personal Development, and Mind Body Integration. We help to quickly address the underlying problems and emotional baggage, that causes our body to react with symptoms, so you can lose weight naturally. Emotional eating starts when your emotional baggage gets heavy and you start to look for quick relief, not of knowing [...]

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Meditation For Inner Peace and Wellbeing


Meditation for inner peace and wellbeing. Meditation for inner peace and wellbeing. Meditation is a beautiful way to gain control of your life. Practicing the quality of being clear, calm and absent of thought for a few minutes a day, will help you to be calm and relaxed throughout your mind and body. If you no longer focus on time or your problems, then you become conscious of your unconscious thoughts, and you can take charge of your life. The more aware you are, the more control you have over your mind. This is what it [...]

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