Improve Your Relationship with Food and Lose Weight

Improve your relationships with food and Lose Weight

Improve your relationship with food, and lose weight. If you are frustrated with your weight you may end up coping by overeating, binge eating, yo-yo dieting. Food was never meant to be a solution for, stuffed emotions, putting up with abuse or self-abuse, or not living your highest values. Our relationship with food becomes very dysfunctional if we use food as a tool to cope with being dissatisfied with our life, self or relationships. We may be trying to fill the void with our lack of satisfaction, clarity, truth, or inspiration.

Consequently, we might use food to fulfill something that is missing in our life, so we fill the void with food. The problem is, it’s a temporary fix and we have to keep eating to feel full instead of being fulfilled.

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A Better Solution

Introducing a better solution that has worked for many of my clients with similar issues. In addition, you will learn how to change your relationship with food. If you are living like this, it can cause a lot of negative thoughts and feelings. Above all, feel this way, will erode confidence, self-esteem and your health and wellbeing.

Eat to Thrive

You can dissolve emotional eating habits, and tap into your internal resources and inspiration. In conclusion, this solution is counter-intuitive, it just doesn’t occur to us and usually, we avoid it because its uncomfortable. The solution involves addressing the underlying cause of what is frustrating you. However, this means, not just dealing with the frustration of being overweight, or the symptom of the weight.  Furthermore, mood altering your frustration with food and “exciting” new diets will not address the underlying cause.

“We get so used to filling emotional voids in our lives with food, oftentimes we never stop to listen to our bodies to find out what they really want. Learn how to become friends with your emotions.” – Psychology Today.

If you are fed-up with the way you currently feel and are ready to take back the control of your life, I can help you and show you how to do this. Contact me by clicking the link below for a life changing Tapping for Weight Loss  Sessions.

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