Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief

Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief with Kim Ryder

Start your day with gentle yoga for stress relief. Kim guides you through a yoga simple practice.

In this video, you will discover a simple routine to start your day feeling great. This gentle yoga class incorporates simple postures and gentle movements with the breath. Furthermore, helping to increase range of motion, boost your mood and immune system so you can bring your whole mind and body into balance. In addition, gentle yoga is often considered easier, less intense, non-strenuous, minimalistic, quiet, meditative, or restorative. Therefore, a regular yoga practice can assist with reducing stress, anxiety and tension as well as preventing sickness, disease and will help to slow down the aging process.

Gentle Yoga for Stress Relief - Total Integrated Therapy

Breath and Movement

Focus on the breath and movement together, as this will bring about an abundance of calm and peace within the mind and body system. In addition, the postures will build strength, create flexibility and stimulate and improve circulation. Furthermore, the flexibility of the spine is essential for maintaining a healthy body and youthful appearance. In conclusion, Yoga will defuse the effects of stress and tension leaving the mind calm and the body peaceful. 

Listen to Your Body

Above all, please take care to work within your own bodies limitations: While yoga is a beneficial practice, you understand that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding your participation in any of the yoga classes.

Enjoy your Yoga practice

Love, Light, & Peace



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