Find Relief from Neck Pain

How to Find Relief from Neck Pain

Neck cricks can be hard if not impossible to resolve if you don’t know how. However, with an experienced medical massage therapist, neck cricks can be eliminated sometimes in minutes. We all need touch and the right touch can be incredibly healing.

In addition, with massage therapy, we can push tissues and bones back into their normal place quickly. Likewise, we can loosen tight joints, and get a total release around pain sensitive tissues. Furthermore, we can increase the range of motion, release scar tissue, reduce inflammation, correct postural compensations, bring balance between conflicting tissues, soothe sore tight muscles, resolve strains and pains.

Also, we work with the body to get a total release around inflamed, pinched, painful or damaged joints and tissues. We also break up and smooth out any related “tissue texture abnormalities,” releasing bumps, knots, stringy fibrotic tissues. Above all, with tissues restored and balanced, the body becomes more flexible and resilient and can return to healthy normal tissues again.

Are you looking for neck pain relief? In this video, I will show you something you can do that will help lubricate your neck, get parts working together, hydrate tissue, increase the range of motion when consistent over time. Therefore, reduce the risk of creating more neck pain in the future.

Unlock Neck Pain with Medical Massage with Dave Ryder

Medical Massage Treatment to Find Relief From Neck Pain

Medical Massage Bodywork begins with an assessment of the body, and provides physical relief for complete freedom in flexibility and continued decrease of pain. You can get quick results and recover fast from many disorders and dysfunctions like; chronic lower back pain, neck pain, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, thoracic outlet syndrome, foot pain, and many other “medical” conditions and avoid surgery and medication.

If you have been struggling with back pain and are looking for pain relief, you are in the right place. We take pain away and provide tremendous freedom and pain relief for our clients.

Therapeutic deep tissue bodywork and medical massage and myofascial release are very effective ways of releasing stored emotion and physical pain. Having regular work done on your body can release the knots and tightness that the body is holding onto and increase your flexibility and mobility.

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