Changing Mindsets

Changing Mindsets - Total Integrated Therapy

Changing Mindsets

Change can be the act of doing something different. Change mindsets is about transforming or modifying one state to another. Furthermore, change mindsets is all about re-educating and unlearning old memorized patterns and beliefs that are familiar, and then relearning new states of being. Likewise, it is breaking the habits of the false self, transforming as your true self, and becoming self-aware.

Change can also involve having awareness and knowing that it’s your decision and choice to think, act or feel in the way you do. Above all, it’s about letting go of the old habitual behaviors and developing new ways of being. Our amazing brain has the great ability to prune away these old synaptic connects that are no longer needed. Our subconscious mind is driving us to say, think, and feel in predictable ways. We are on automatic pilot, and we don’t even know we are doing it. Excerpt from “The Art Of Changing Your Mind” by Kim Ryder.

The benefits are limitless, because there is no end to what we can achieve when we stand in our power and reconnect with our authentic self. ~ Kim Ryder

Changing Mindsets - Total Integrated Therapy

The Power of Words

Changing mindsets with what you say and believe.  Affirmations are words we use to affirm and change how we feel. We tend to think of affirmations as being of a positive nature, but often it is the negative words that can be our biggest and most powerful affirmations. Negative affirmations keep us in alignment with what we believe about ourselves. When we change what we are saying to ourselves we begin to change what we hold within. Your words are powerful choose them wisely.

What are the benefits

  1. Gain control of your life.
  2. Improve your inner dialog.
  3. Improve communications between your mind and body.
  4. Make healthier choices.
  5. Look better, and feel better.
  6. Letting go of negative self-talk.
  7. Gain self-love and self-acceptance.
  8. Tap into personal empowerment.
  9. Create the life you really want.

Mindfulness Changing Mindsets

Meditation is a beautiful way to gain control of your life. If you no longer focus on time or your problems, when you become conscious of your unconscious thoughts. The more conscious you are the more control you have over your thoughts. This is what it means to know your true self. Connect inwards because you hold the key to your own happiness.

To get you started, here is my “Calm and Peace in 3 minutes” recording.


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